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UpNXT Show Services

UpNXT Show Production Services


FashioNXT provides the following services for UpNXT fashion shows:

Show Producer & Staff:
FashioNXT provides a show producer and support staff — backstage manager, usher, stage manager, audio-visual tech, DJ, and security. The Producer will work with the designer for all aspects of your show; coordinating staff and the resources required.

FashioNXT will provide a up to 8 sample size runway models following a casting process. Designers are advised to send their favorite models to the audition. Note: UpNXT designers do not get choice of their own models.

Hair, Makeup, and Styling:
FashioNXT provides a team of experienced hair & makeup professionals, who sets a neutral style scheme for all the UpNXT designers. 
As the designer shares models with other abutting shows, designer must abide by the overall hair, makeup and styling scheme set by the Producer. Note: UpNXT designers do not receive their own hair and makeup scheme.

Shoes and Accessories:
Designers are encouraged to arrange shoes and accessories for their own show, upon consultation with the Producer. FashioNXT instructs models to provide two pairs of shoes: basic black and basic brown heels. As UpNXT is an apparel competition, accessories must be an insignificant part of the looks presented on the runway. In the case of third-party accessories be presented, they must not be explicit in logo attribution or other identifiers.
If the shoe and accessories providers wish to be featured alongside the designer in the show program and/or on-screen logo attribution, they must pay a separate fee of $500 to FashioNXT.

FashioNXT provides one model fitting session for all designers. This session is for all designers and it takes place about two weeks before the show. Designer must bring a complete collection at the fitting session. Designer must bring all the accessories at the fitting session. Designer must demonstrate that all looks can be changed in less than 1 min.
If a designer requires a fitting session on a different date, a $1,000 service charge will be added in addition to any fee models charge to attend this fitting. FashioNXT offers proxy stylist service if a designer or 
his/her representative can’t attend at the fitting or pre-show backstage. Minimum fee: $500.

The Venue, Content and Passes

Fashion show designer receives the use of FashioNXT venue space for showing the collection. This includes the staging, backstage, sound, light and projection. Designer gets rack-space for the post-show Market Hour at the Plaza to meet attending media, influencers, buyers and guests.
Designer has the option to rent a booth or rack-space at the plaza for one or all days of FashioNXT week.

 Show Passes:
Designers will also receive an allotment of 2 complimentary guest passes as mentioned in the show-level and as agreed upon in the contract.
Designer can also receive a Promo-code that will give them 10% commission of the tickets they sell (through online promo-code). Designer can arrange to buy additional tickets from us at a bulk rate. ONLY during the singing of the contract.

Designer receives on-site signage, and inclusion in extensive marketing collaterals, both print and digital, like, FashioNXT website, social media, show program.

UpNXT designers receive 3 images with watermarks from their runway show. Designers can buy Photographs & Video packages of their shows with usage rights and no watermark from the Official Photography and Videography companies who get the exclusive privilege to shoot from the top center angle and get all access.

As UpNXT is a competition, designer can’t create a customized ambiance on the runway.

Designer can help sell sponsorship or patron-support packages of their shows to their network of supporters and fans, and get a commission – please inquire FashioNXT for details.

Note: Services mentioned above are for UpNXT Runway show, which is limited in scope in comparison to Standard Level show. For the rates for Standard Level Show, as well as, photo/video packages, booth or rack-space, ad-space, patron sponsorship, etc., see the rate-sheet here  >>

Notes for Designers Who Need to Travel

Fitting Session:
Designer is expected to attend in person to fit models during the official fitting date and location scheduled by FashioNXT. If the designer can not attend he/she can send a representative with the designs fully completed designs at the fittings and make himself/herself available online through a video call. If that is also not possible Designer can send the fully completed designs to FashioNXT Office however for this option there will be a $500 fee along with the postage paid to return the package. FashioNXT is not responsible for the damaged or lost product in this process.

Show Date: 
Designer is expected to attend in person for the official show date at the FashioNXT Week venue. If the designer can not attend the show date he/she can send fully fitted and complete designs to the FashioNXT Office for a FashioNXT proxy stylist to present the looks on the runway that will come at an additional $500 fee + postage.