FashioNXT creates innovative fashion experiences and the creative edge in lifestyle technology.



Prasenjit Tito Chowdhury

CEO & Executive Producer

In the new economy competitive advantage will be determined by how effectively its team can use both the right and left brains — hard and soft skills. This realization is what drove Tito to create FashioNXT, a fashion forward brand enhancement platform to experience What’s Next. Over the years FashioNXT has become a model platform for multi-dimensional growth of the fashion industry — premiering fashion brands, incubation of fashion and wearable technology designers, and enhance the overall business eco-system through US and international industry relationships.


Combining his success in building Portland Fashion Week, along with his senior-level, results-orientated expertise developed at Intel, Tito found a way to provide creative solutions for both the fashion and lifestyle technology industries. Tito has worked with internationally recognizable designers and labels that premiere their collections on the runway, and activated unprecedented experiential marketing campaigns for some of the biggest fashion and technology brands in the world. His work has been prominently featured in TIME Magazine, Wall St Journal, CBS News, Huffington Post, Marie Claire, Book Moda-Italy, and many other leading international publications. Tito’s leadership in the fashion industry has been recognized by him receiving Portland Mayor’s Spirit of Portland award.


Tito’s current projects involve enhancing the collaborations between fashion industry brands and wearable technologies, and helping public and private sectors of large fashion economies — China and Brazil, on topics on global competitiveness, leveraging his understanding and relationships in both US and global fashion industry.


Lynn Frank

Creative Advisor

Lynn Frank is President of Five Stars International, Ltd. The former Oregon Department of Energy director’s leadership and skills have guided sustainable collaborations that earned national recognition – including recognition for leadership from the Council of State Governments, for innovation from the US Department of Energy and Harvard’s John F. Kennedy School of Government, and for environmental excellence from the Federal Highway Administration. As Creative Advisor for FashioNXT, Mr. Frank’s focus is on innovative collaborations to fulfill the Executive Producer’s vision, of a fashion forward lifestyle showcase, in ways never before imagined.

Business & Media Relations Manager: Bonnie Knight
Front of House Producer: Colton Helfrecht 


Backstage Manager: Nicholas LeMere

Volunteer Coordinator: 
Front of House Lead: 
Guest-List Coordinator: Angela Frank
Checkin & Market Hour Lead: Mallory Trost 

Promotions Consultant: Rob Ward
Media Consultant: Jeremiah Stroup
Guest Experience: Surreal Hawthorne
DJ: DJ NO. Bi.Es (Music Director)
Production Assistants: Jen Stever, Haazim Polk

Backstage Assistants:  Kate Baker, Karsen Ives, Mitchell Tillges
Communications Co-ordinators: Sierra Kalien, Yulisa Marcos Cristobal
Lead Makeup Artist: Megan Blake
Makeup Team: Pia Gabriel, Anny Saavedra, Ary Garcia, Cecy Mendoza, Megan Blake, Maggie Green, Crystal Reynoso, Harshita Singhal, Mattie Ngo, Sierra Chapelle`
Lead Hair Stylist: Chachi Tui

Hair Team: Carolyn Chaidez, Molly Barret, Samarra Cross, Carla Neininger, Kalei Robb, Irma Jime’nez, Paige Novy, Adriana Ortiz


And thank you to all the volunteers for helping us make FashioNXT 2022 our best year yet!