FashioNXT creates innovative fashion experiences and the creative edge in lifestyle technology.



We are seasoned in all aspects of event production. Whether your event is a product launch party for 600 or a networking cocktail for 30, FashioNXT gives attention to the details. FashioNXT produces fashion and lifestyle events and brand presentations of any size.

  • Venue selection
  • Guest list creation, RSVP tracking, seating
  • Front of house check in, greeting and entertainment
  • Event photography and videography
  • Show casting, backstage, direction and production


Aligning with the right partners is an essential part of brand positioning and building an identity from an authentic place. Throughout the years, we’ve built an extensive arsenal of relationships with internationally known fashion designers, private label manufacturers, licensing partners, retailers and related public and private entities. With a mindful approach and a discerning eye, we’re able to connect our clients to provide them with a chance to expand their brand message, create public engagement, build a broader consumer base, and ultimately present new revenue streams.


Develop and execute innovative programs that enhance brand engagement by activating different aspects of our network in the fashion industry.

  • Develop and execute design challenges enhancing the brand engagement with the design community
  • Develop concept collection or limited edition designs
  • Develop activation concepts for campaigns
  • Develop purpose driven workshops and mentorship programs
  • Event venue plan and design
  • Innovative activation of technology or lifestyle products on and off the runway