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Alinea Atelier Color Yourself Face Mask

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One-of-a-kind Designer Mask made by Alinea Atelier is one of the featured designs at the 2020 FashioNXT Mask Design Competition. The design is playful and gives the buyer the opportunity to color the mask themselves.
Austin based brand Alinea Atelier designs for a bold and feminine woman. Where clothes are an extension of her personality. Alinea Atelier’s masks are designed with an LBCV-19 Filter. This addition is washable, replaceable, and adds to the functionality of the mask.
Material: Washable Fabric. Multilayer. Space to insert filter, filter insert, Nose adjuster bridge. Comes with crayon set,
Condition: “New with tags”.
Shipping: With USPS Priority Mail. Due to Pandemic handling may take longer.
Special Instruction: It’s a custom made design. The buyer is advised to wash the mask before putting it on.
Beneficiary: Part of the Proceeds will go to OHSU (Oregon Health Science and University) Pandemic Response Fund

$30.00 USD + Shipping & Handling