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Tinarie Creations

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Tinarie Eans, a 5th generation artist and seamstress was immersed in art early on She began making her own clothes at the age of 12, mostly out of need, but also a desire to dress as nice as the other girls. Her only access to materials were articles of clothing, she hand selected from a donation box with a flashlight, under the cover of night. 


She was designing her own clothes throughout her school years and in her 20s where she remade her wardrobes into entirely new ones. She spent thirty years producing art in various mediums for both wholesale and retail sales before earning a master’s degree in education. 


She has dabbled in costuming over the years, winning multiple contests. Late 2015 she suffered a serious shoulder and neck injury, with a long recovery, taking 5 months to touch her dominant hand to her face. She made a full recovery designing, sewing, and photographing her creations. 


Practicing gratitude while moving positively and productively forward, has been her daily motto. Fashion became her only photographic target as her focus narrowed to her first love. Her unique fashion continues to include repurposed materials and has been professionally published in over 70 magazines, with 70 plus new designs since 2021. She is listed as one of the top fashion designers on the Kavyar Magazine website. 


She often passionately sews before sunrise and until bedtime. Tinarie Creations is her culminating life project.  It is her goal and passion to bring the many bold and beautiful creations that live in her heart and mind’s eye into the fashion world; because she believes she has something special to contribute to the greater world of fashion.

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