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Chinese Hanfu Fashion

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Fashion show “ Going Back Through Time” in FashioNXT
Sponsored by Chinese Young and Women Development
Organization .

The Chinese Youth and Women Development Organization, a
non-profit with a powerful mission, dedicates itself to the
enrichment of Chinese culture through the mediums of art, music,
and fashion. It holds a deep commitment to nurturing the potential
of young individuals within the community and beyond, guiding
them to become capable leaders. The organization focuses on
imparting invaluable experiences in leadership and provides
tailored programs that underscore the significance of effective
communication, public speaking, and adept utilization of diverse
platforms to foster knowledge and growth. Equally devoted to the
empowerment of women within the community, the organization
strives to cultivate them into inspirational role models for both
their children and other women at large.
The Chinese Rose Princess and Queen project, operating under
the aegis of the Chinese Youth and Women Development
Organization, stands as a shining example of its endeavors. This
initiative is rooted in the principles of sustainability and a green
lifestyle. A clarion call is made to the emerging generation to
become integral members of a global movement, recognizing that
each individual bears a vital responsibility in safeguarding our
planet. Together, concerted efforts hold the promise of forging a
brighter future for generations yet to come.
This year marks a significant milestone as we celebrate the sixth
annual rendition of the Rose Princess and Queen event. Over the
course of these six years, more than 30 Princesses and Queens
have emerged from this program. Many of these outstanding
individuals have diligently pursued their dreams and aspirations.

Emboldened by their titles as Chinese Rose Princesses and
Queens, they exude a clear sense of purpose, particularly in
championing environmental causes. Some have even achieved
remarkable personal milestones, reinforcing the notion that true
success is not only measured by individual accomplishments, but
also by the meaningful contributions made to uplift others.
Together, we have effectuated positive changes in society,
thereby enhancing the quality of life for all.
This fashion show will be modeled by Chinese Rose Princesses
and Queens.
Our collection will be Chinese Traditional outfits called HanFu
designed by various designers locally and internationally.
It is a great way for audience to see and enjoy Chinese Culture
through fashion and music.

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