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FashioNXT & Colty Collaboration Handbag Keeps Your Phone Charged Whole Day

FashioNXT & Colty Collaboration Handbag Keeps Your Phone Charged Whole Day

Girls Inc of PNW’s annual gala Power of the Purse wrapped up its sixth year in a row. However, the highlight of the night was the “Power Purse” for its mission to inspire girls in technology through fashion. Four of the fourteen purses auctioned in the gala were designed by FashioNXT designers: Colty (Colton Herflecht), Nuciano (Joy Ifeoma Obi) and Denise. FashioNXT has collaborated with the innovative technology design for a handbag with Colty that keeps your phone charged whole day without ever having to touch a power chord, ideal for on-the-go woman. FashioNXT plays an active role for its community partner Girls Inc of PNW dedicated for raising girls strong, smart and bold. We caught up with the designers — FashioNXT CEO Tito Chowdhury, Colton Herflecht and Nuciano designer Joy at the gala to hear from them the exciting details about their support of the organization.

Interview with Nuciano designer Joy Ifeoma Obi:

FashioNXT: This is your first year participating in Girls Inc Power of the Purse. Tell us why Power Purse is special for you.
Joy: I didn’t know much about Girls Inc of Pacific Northwest until I received their invitation to join the power of purse for 2018. I went online to research about them. I was so impressed with they are doing and what they are all about. I feel very honor to be a part of this great cause. Nuciano is all about Women empowerment and supporting girls, so being part of this is only natural and a great fit for us as a brand.

FashioNXT:  What kind of a client you think can’t wait to put her hands on this Power Purse?
Joy: That confident lady, that confident lady, that powerful lady, that supportive lady, a high powered lady, a goal getter, that woman that will not take No for an answer and who is not afraid to see another woman come up. That woman who is not afraid to use her burning candle to light the candles of others to create more light for others to see better.


Interview with Tito:

FashioNXT: Tell us why FashioNXT supports Girls’ Inc of PNW, and how it evolved over the last several years.
Tito: Since the inception of FashioNXT in 2012 we have decided to support Girls Inc of PNW for its core mission of preparing girls for future life and career. From design, manufacturing to consuming, women are the driving force for fashion industry — the second largest industry in the world. Engagement with FashioNXT enables Girls Inc to inspire girls to see fashion creativity as a viable career choice while creating awareness of this mission to FashioNXT’s lifestyle forward followers. Last year our support of Girls Inc took a new height as we were called on to its objective to inspire girls with technology education. After premiering the Solar Panel bag designed by Susan Fairchild in 2016 FashioNXT Week that raised record money for the Power of the Purse auction. This year, we exceeded last year’s engagement by actively participating in technical collaboration with a new handbag. Girls often shy away from technology because it’s often presented to them without proper context of what’s the purpose of it. What better way to give them that context than something that is so close and useful to our life — from creativity to function? Fashion, Yes Fashion.

FashioNXT: FashioNXT Agency designed the technology for the Power Purse. Walk us through the process of working with handbag designer Colty to create this fashion+technology product.
 Tito: As you may know, FashioNXT Agency creates collaboration involving fashion and technology, like last year our collaboration launched the world’s first 3D Printed ready to wear designer’ shoe line. Our favorite expertise is enhancing the quality of fashion experience for modern day consumer – especially the on-the-go woman. A working woman’s activities revolve around her handbag and the access to her world — her smart-phone. Yet, keeping the phone juiced up has become a never-ending chore. A fully charged phone dies off in the middle of the day right when you need it the most. And oh the nightmare when you forget to charge it overnight, or even worse leave the charging cord or pad somewhere else. We designed a technology bag that requires simply one thing — as you get home put your bag on a charging pad. Rest of the day all you have to do keep the phone in the bag’s side-pocket whenever you want, and it gets charged from the fueled juiced up spare battery pack sewn inside the bag. We took painstaking effort to make technology invisible from your smartphone life — gone are phone jack, cord and battery pack. This handbag is what an on-the-go woman has been waiting for. We are taking custom orders for making this bag for them (men’s style available too), email: