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Wearable Tech Fashion Review: AshleyChloe The Helix Cuff

Wearable Tech Fashion Review: AshleyChloe The Helix Cuff

We know what you’re thinking, but no this is not just another black silicone activity tracker with a shiny face; and a list of high tech features. The Helix Cuff is in fact a cleverly disguised set of bluetooth headphones. The band is a hypoallergenic material; while the face and ear buds are a PVD mirror coated stainless steel, and magnetically adjustable, with a range of colours. Award winning chief designer Mika Nenonen and his team were thoughtful of where wearable teach is headed in fashion with The Helix Cuff, though this couldn’t pass as a piece of luxury jewellery. If you find yourself detangling earbud wires often, you may be looking to Ashley Chloe for the first and only wearable bluetooth headphones. We hope to see more from AshleyChloe! pre-order your Helix Cuff at #ashleychloeinc @AshleyChloeinc

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