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FashioNXT Week Row 1 Patron

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Gift Card for Row 1 Patron 2023 FashioNXT Week runway shows (Oct 05-07)
2023 is the 10-year Anniversary of FashioNXT Week (*Live Shows)

Must redeem the Gift Card for show tickets with seat assignment by emailing by Sept 1st, 2023.

If you like to use the Gift Cards to financially contribute to FashioNXT, and don’t plan to redeem the tickets, please let us know over email soon after your purchase, so we can keep the limited inventory of tickets for sale to others. If you want your contribution to support any specific FashioNXT program, please mention it in that email. Patron Contributions over $2500 will be recognized in FashioNXT Program. Please inquire for more details.

Gift certificates are non-refundable. Details of the show program and other details will be published on during the Summer of 2023.

Row 1 Thursday Oct 5th- $125.00
Row 1 Friday Oct 6th-$150
Row 1 Saturday Oct 7th- $175