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Delica Winds


Delica Winds is an innovative accessory brand creating one-of-a-kind fashions that connect to eyewear.  Five unique styles make up the first collection: The Band, The Brim, The Cape, The Kerchief and The Scarf.  These accessories are designed to slide on the temples of any frame and works great for reading glasses or sunglasses that we often take on and off. The Cape and Brim protect your face, ears and neck from sunburn with dermatologist-approved materials and won’t fly off in high winds. The Scarf, Band and Kerchief keep frames close by without the bulk of an eyewear chain. Delica Winds are made by hand in Minneapolis from a wide variety of fabrics chosen specifically for a soft and lightweight feel.

Hannah Widmer has been experimenting with eyewear and accessory design for two years.  In pursuit of the vision for Delica Winds, she has traveled to meet designers, learned to sew, and started a job as an Optician at The Spectacle Shoppe in Minneapolis. Widmer is passionate about creating new fashions that help people get the most out of the glasses they already wear!

Current Collections