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Dream Dresses by PMN

Dream Dresses by PMN


My name is Phuong Minh Nguyen, founder/designer of Dream Dresses by P.M.N. Shortly after graduating from The Seattle Art Institute, I got engaged, and was unable to find the perfect wedding gown; so I decided I would design my own. I ended up with two amazing dresses and quickly realized that I had found my passion.

In 2014, I founded Dream Dresses by P.M.N. and started creating custom and unique designs for clients in every part of the world; I truly love everything about it.

We operate in our private studio in Kirkland, WA, USA, and our goal is to provide brides with an alternative to the mass-produced dresses that are available at large chain bridal shops. Dream Dresses by P.M.N cannot be compared to off-the-rack. We specialize in creating custom one-of-a-kind, hand beaded, couture gowns, using the most luxurious fabrics available. I work with each client individually, and design a unique gown based on their specifications.

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