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FashioNXT Launches Virtual Fashion Week

FashioNXT Launches Virtual Fashion Week

Prasenjt Tito Chowdhury

On Oct 10, 2020, FashioNXT Week premiered its first set of Virtual Designers. The premiers can be seen on FashioNXT Social Media channels: InstagramFacebook, and Website, and you can also view the collections below!

Designers Nadine Makboul (Portland, OR), Jean Felts of Tokyo Twiggy (Indianapolis, IN) premiered their first collections with FashioNXT in the virtual show.

Makboul’s 2020 collection designs are inspired by Arabic and Japanese culture, and video game characters from games her brother played when she was growing up. An air of prestige and mystery come together beautify in Makboul’s collection. The pleated blue coat is styled with an ornament partial face mask/headpiece adds romance to the look.

Tokyo Twiggy is a custom made street-wear label with textiles/fabrics designed by Felts. In her 2020 collection for FashioNXT is “fun, spunky, and edgy” the designer says. Inspired by Japanese shrines which Felts says give her a feeling of inner peace, and strength. Stand the out piece in this collection is the vibrant red closing dress perfect for the bold girl ready to take on the world!

Also don’t miss out on your chance to Buy your favorite masks featured from the FashioNXT Mask Design Competition at an Auction till this Friday, Oct 16th, and vote for your favorite design. These are exquisite and one of a kind designs by talented fashion designers from all over the US. Part of the Proceeds of the Auction will go to OHSU (Oregon Health Science and University) COVID-19 Pandemic Response Fund.

We are still accepting designers’ submissions for virtual shows as we will be launching their collections on the Fridays, aka FashioNXT Fridays. See details here: Virtual Show
— FashioNXT Team