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FashioNXT Spotlight: Melynda Valera

FashioNXT Spotlight: Melynda Valera

FashioNXT is constantly looking for new talent and designers to showcase in the shows. One of the new designers showing in FashioNXT: The Shows 2016 is Melynda Valera. Melynda is a BFA student in fashion design in Orange County. She is making the trek all the way from California to be part of FashioNXT this year.

Below is an interview with her about why she chose FashioNXT and what to expect from her collection in the show this year.

As a new designer in FashioNXT, what is your design style? What is the process you go through to create a new collection? Has/will that process change for FashioNXT?

My design style is a mix between feminine and industrial. I love to showcase the female figure, showing it to be ethereal, yet powerful and strong. My process for creating a new collection, aside from tons of trend research, is to play different music and gather inspiration from nearly everything around me, especially aspects of nature. The process for FashioNXT will be very much the same, however will be on the fast-track.

What can people expect from your collection this year?

This collection will be a 180-degree difference from my last collection. There will be much softer colors. Lots of blush tones, lilacs, and three-dimensional flowers, accented with rose gold.

As a new designer with FashioNXT is there anything else the attendees should know about you?

I absolutely love hip-hop, and try to make that flow and rhythm happen within my work. I love to let the music on the runway reach the audience on a different level. I want the attendees to enjoy the whole production with their ears, not just with their eyes.

We are so excited to have Melynda as part of our show! Keep following up with the FashioNXT blog to hear about other new designers and get sneak peaks about their collections.

Tickets are now on sale for the 2016 FashioNXT: The Shows. Visit this website for more information:

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