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FashioNXT Spotlight: Katherine Tessier

FashioNXT Spotlight: Katherine Tessier

FashioNXT is constantly looking for new talent and designers to showcase in the shows. One of the new designers showing in 2016 FashioNXT: The Shows (Oct 5-8) is Canadian designer Katherine Tessier. She has showcased in several other global fashions shows.

We recently talked to Katherine about why she chose FashioNXT and what to expect from her collection in the show this year.

As a new designer in FashioNXT, what is your design style? What is the process you go through to create a new collection? Has/will that process change for FashioNXT?  

I hate this question (what is your design style )! You know, as a designer I think that I must not focus on only one style! It’s a little weird but that is my vision, a lot of designers disagree but I think it’s the best thing to do as an artist. I created 3 collections since I started and none of them look the same. The first one was glamorous, the second one was comfortable and the third one, the one I’ll showcase is “Be ready”! The title of the collection is Be Ready!

No, it won’t change because my collection is already in process. I drew my collection three times. The first time wasn’t really what I was looking for so I started again. The second time, I planned my collection on a fabric and I discovered that another designer had the same fabric and almost the same look. I did my sketches once again and I talk with my best friend Pierre- Antoine Lemieux Girard and I had a big idea while I was talking with him of this collection. You know, I think you cannot work alone. You need people around you to guide you and to tell you your mistakes! You learn with them and it’s the best way to learn!

What can people expect from your collection this year?

As I said, my next collection is going to hit! What I want to say by “hit” is just to prepare yourself to a new Katherine Tessier. By now, I can say that you’ll be surprised. If you already are my customer, you’ll love my next collection and if you’re not yet, you’ll want to become one for sure! I say what others hide! Remember that! I hate secrets!

As a new designer with FashioNXT is there anything else the attendees should know about you?

Too much to write everything here! People should know that I’m a young lady with a lot of goals. I’ve always trusted myself before anyone else. I lived a lot of experiences to build the person I am today. The part I prefer when I build a collection is to go to search my prototypes and look at the result! The part I hate the most is just after buying my fabrics because I choose my fabrics by myself and sometimes I doubt about my choices but I shouldn’t! It’s such a difficult lifestyle. You have to be strong enough to continue in this amazing world because if you don’t trust yourself, you’ll fall. A lot of good designers stopped by fear! The fear to not be accepted, the fear to don’t sell your collections, the fear to be known! I won’t fall! I have my ideas and I trust myself (I don’t trust myself for around 2 hours/years just after buying my new fabrics but it’s normal) I’m really excited to participate to FashioNXT and I’m sure it’s going to be a really good experience! I could write more about all the questions you asked me but it would be too long!
Katherine would like to thank all her friends and family who have supported her in het journey! She can’t wait to show Portland what she’s got!

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